Renovation in Progress

Moses Ludington serves a widely-distributed population including residents from Essex, Warren and Washington counties in NY and Addison County, VT as well as tourists and visitors to the area.

In 2015, we submitted an application for a portion of the NYSDOH $355m Essential Healthcare Provider Support Program. The application outlined a proposed plan to eliminate the inpatient unit and modernize the remaining outpatient service lines with an emphasis on exemplary emergency care.

In 2016, we received notice that the NYSDOH supported the proposed operational changes and modernization plans, as set forth in the application. We engaged a highly respected healthcare architectural firm from Vermont to help make our plans a reality. The planning process was meticulous and incorporated input from the Architects, organizational leaders and front line staff.

In May 2017 the facility modernization plan was put into action; PC Construction from Burlington VT is serving as the Project Manager working closely with the Moses Ludington maintenance team and an array of subcontractors.

The project is slated to be completed in October 2018 and will deliver a complete redesign of the services offered at Moses Ludington. A new, spacious outpatient clinic will allow for an increase in the number of visiting specialists, an infusion center and outpatient procedure suite. The emergency department will quadruple in size including four permanent observation beds. Our high-tech imaging services will be relocated to the front of the facility and Outpatient Therapy will move from the ground floor of the building to the upper level. When the work is complete Moses Ludington will be a state of art modern and efficient facility specifically designed to better serve the healthcare needs of our community.

Phase I - Outpatient Clinic Space completed in October 2017
Phase II - Emergency, Patient Registration and Laboratory will be completed in March 2018
Phase III - Imaging will be completed in July 2018
Phase IV - Outpatient Therapy Services will be completed in November 2018

In addition to the $9.1m facility remodel, discussions are taking place with several partner organizations to build primary care clinic space, establish an inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation center and open a dental clinic on the campus.